Long Steel Tape

We have various types of Pocket Measuring Tapes, Fiberglass measuring tapes and long steel tapes. The precision of our rules within 0.2mm/m (conform to ECII). The excellent stand-out of our steel tapes is the feature that others can't achieve. 

  • 3X gear driven, the rewind speed is 3 times faster than regular long tapes.
  • High Impact ABS case
  • Quick & Easy to use winding drum.
  • Flexible and easy to use, steel and nylon combined tapes offer superior durability due to tougher tape edge
  • Rust-proof tape-easy to clean, protects against sea water &corrosion making it almost unbeakable
  • Very accurate measurement reading
  • Pointed tip for better handling
  • Nylon clad tape



Item No.Size
07206-3010130M / 100FT x 10mm (3/8")
07206-5010150M / 165FT x  10mm (3/8")
07206-6010160M / 200FT x  10mm (3/8")
07206-00101100M / 330FT x 10mm (3/8")