Ergo-Striker Screwdrivers <Phillips>

  • CR-V material meet ASME standard.
  • Square bar, Stain finish, magnetic blade with black tip.
  • The square blade provides extra rigidity.
  • The blade is completely design over-molded through to the end of the handle for hard striking.
  • Striking force is transmitted to the shank without damaging the end cap.
  • Enhanced PVC handle with ergonomic design, Opaque color Cellulose Acetate handle is also available.
Item No.Blade
(Dia. x Length)
Tip size
08205-010445mm x 4" (100mm)+PH#1
08205-010545mm x 5" (125mm)+PH#1
08205-010645mm x 6" (150mm)+PH#1
08205-020446mm x 4" (100mm)+PH#2
08205-020546mm x 5" (125mm)+PH#2
08205-020646mm x 6" (150mm)+PH#2
08205-030648mm x 6" (150mm)+PH#3
08205-030848mm x 8" (200mm)+PH#3
08205-031048mm x 10" (250mm)+PH#3
08205-031248mm x 12" (300mm)+PH#3