Specialist Adjustable Wrench

  • Chrome Vanadium steel/Hot forged handle and jaw.
  • Whole piece with heat treatment.
  • Phosphate finish body & grinding head with scale.
  • 18% to 25% wider jaw opening increases useful range of fastener sizes .
  • Special "non-protruding feature" on the movable jaw end allows a greater ease of use in tight spaces.
  • Perfectly matched knurl and teeth of jaw for smooth running.
  • Performance exceeds world-wide industrial standard specification.
  • 60% thicker than regular wrench handle.
  • Its 15° angle aligning with the nut provides greater leverage distance thus reducing hand & arm fatigue.
  • A swing angle of 15° is more suitable for operation in limited working area.


Item No.Overall Length
Standard Opening Width (mm)arca's Opening Width (mm)The Usage Range for Nuts
Metric Hexagon Nut's SizeSAE Hexgon Nut's Size
"03101-040061001317.0M1~M10  W1/8~W3/8
"03101-060061501923.9M1~M16  W1/8~W1/2
"03101-080062002428.6M1~M18  W1/8~W5/8
"03101-100062502932.8M1~M22  W1/8~W3/4
"03101-120063003438.1M1~M24  W1/8~W7/8
"03101-150063754350.0M1~M33  W1/8~W1-1/4
"03101-180064505360.0M1~M39  W1/8~W1-1/2
"03101-240066006270.0M1~M45 W1/8~W1-3/4