Pro-Grip Impact Go Through Screwdrivers <Slotted>

  • Pro-Grip Impact is a heavy duty impact screwdriver.
  • The blades are completely design molded through to the end of the handles for hard striking.
  • The cushion grip handle provides fatigue free driving as well as excellent comfort.


Item No.BladeTipPoint Size
Dia. x  LengthThickness x Width
08112-050405mm x 4"0.76 x 4.76
08112-050605mm x 6"0.76 x 4.76
08112-060406mm x 4"0.94 x 6.35
08112-060606mm x 6"0.94 x 6.35
08112-080608mm x 6"1.07 x 7.94