Standard Grip Screwdrivers 204pcs Set

These screwdrivers feature comfortable grip handles constructed of Shockproof CELLULOSE ACETATE PLASTICS.
Blades are made of CHROME VANADIUM STEEL which have been carefully Heat Treated and fully chrome plated to resist rust and corrosion.


Item No.DescriptionTipSize
908300-20400.41204pcs/set with Dust-Proof 3.2mm x 3" x 24pcs
 Display Stand5mm x 4" x 24pcs
  6mm x 1.5" x 24pcs
 74 pcs in display stand6mm x 4" x 24pcs
 and 130 pcs for spare8mm x 6" x 6pcs
  3.2mm x 3" x PH#0 x 24pcs
  5mm x 4" x PH#1 x 24pcs
  5mm x 1.5" x PH#2 x 24pcs
  6mm x 4" x PH#2 x 24pcs
  8mm x 6" x PH#3 x 6pcs