Kristall Grip Screwdrivers <Phillips>

  • Crystalling Screwdrivers feature fully-fluted comfortable grip extrusion handles, made of shockproof genuine CELLULOSE ACETATE PLASTICS, thus excellent transparency and splendid luster.
  • Also features Fully-fluted Round top, with chambered edges for fatigue-free driving.
  • The precisely milled blade heads with special Heat Treatment, extend high hardness, maximum torque and reduce wear, especially in driving Tapping screw.


Item No.BladeTipPoint Size
Dia. x  Length
08203-000303.2mm x 3"PH#0
08203-010405mm x 4"PH#1
08203-010605mm x 6"PH#1
08203-020106mm x 1.5"PH#2
08203-020406mm x 4"PH#2
08203-020606mm x 6"PH#2
08203-030608mm x 6"PH#3