Exchangeable Saw Set

  • The handle is made of soft dual materials, durable construction and outstanding appearance.
  • "5-in-one" combination set (one handle with 5 different exchangeable saw blades).
  • Different saw blades can be changed to suit multiple surface types.
  • The combination set comes with a nylon bag for safety and easy carring purpose.
  • Blade Optional and package optional in nylon bag.


Item No.SizeHandleSaw blade 
904100-050019-1/2" (240mm)PP&TPR PVC Saw (Jetwise Teeth)
 Wood Cutting Saw (File teeth)
 Metal Cutting Saw (Normal Teeth)
11" (270mm) Framework Saw (Jetwise Teeth)
14" (350mm) Pruning Saw (File Teeth)