Ratcheting Adjustable Wrench

  • Chrome vanadium steel, exceeding international standards as ISO 6787-1982, ASME B.107.8M, Din 3117-1988, JIS B4604-1976 Heavy Duty, etc.
  • Hot forged handle and jaw and whole piece with heat treatment.
  • Special "non-protruding feature" on the movable jaw end allows a greater ease of use in tight spaces.
  • Ergonomically designed TPR cushion handle provides a comfortable hand fit and a durable grip (patented).
  • World patented Ratcheting & Adjusting function offers a breakthrough application on traditional hand tools.



Item No.Size
(inch / mm)
Jaw Opening Width (mm)Torque (kg-fm)ASME (Min.)
"03105-060016" / 1501916.74
"03105-080018" / 2002430.61
"03105-1000110" / 2503052.00