Twinmat Bolster Screwdrivers <Slotted>

  • Special combined material ergonomic handle.
  • CR-V material meet ASME standard.
  • Round blade with hexgon bolster which could enhance performance with a spanner wrench.
  • Magnetic blade with black tip.
Item No.Blade
(Dia. x Length)
Tip size
(Thickness x Width)
08120-050465mm x 4" (100mm)--0.76 x 4.76 mm
08120-050665mm x 6" (150mm)--0.76 x 4.76 mm
08120-060466mm x 4" (100mm)--1.02 x 6.35 mm
08120-060666mm x 6" (150mm)--1.02 x 6.35 mm
08120-080668mm x 6" (150mm)--1.07 x 7.94 mm